Monday, October 12, 2009


This weekend, I became reunited with my blog. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed since our wedding. Each month we've celebrated our Month-Anniversary but that simply meant that our wedding day is becoming more of a distant memory. And, Oh, how I loved our wedding. This weekend, John and I watched our Wedding Ceremony video for the first time. What a glorious day! I wish I could relive it and embrace every single second again.

Our wedding truly was the best time of our lives. As I look back, I think about what truly was the greatest reward throughout the process: the sense of unity among our family and friends. How we all came together and became one...all in celebration of love!


e M i said...

Woooo!! :D

Kristen said...

Hi Alice!

Did you ever get photos back from Thomas? I'd love to see them!!!

Hope married life is treating you awesome.