Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laptop challenged

My laptop is very sick hence why I haven't shared even more fun details with you!  And all my inspiration pictures are saved on my comatose laptop.  I wonder if it'll wake up again....

emi & B - Are you two the only ones that read my blog?  hehehehe...thank you for being the best readers! :)

What do you think about leather couches in the living room?  Do you think it takes away from the comfty feel I'm going for?
Courtesy of Costco...I love Costco!
*WAVE* Hi Emi & B!


Bernice said...

Hiii :) You should post your new couch!! And maybe some lamps that you like?? I like reading your blog and it's okay if we're your only followers. We're the most special..hehee yay!!

e M i said...

Hiiee!!! :D Hehehee I like reading your bloggie too!! :D We're your number one fans wooooo!!!

Love your actual couch choices!! They look super comfy!! :D