Tuesday, April 5, 2011

dining goodness

our dining room was on "the list" of rooms to semi-complete before our big reveal.  we were fortunate to not have to modify the floors of the room since we had pretty dark pergo ready for anything!  thus far, our dining room has sit empty but this week, we have the below, joining my lil decorating adventures!  i've had some fun purple accents just waiting to be used in the perfectly squared room.

my hope is to find some crisp white chairs to pull it all together for a comfortable yet chic space. :) i would love chairs like there but at $200/$300 a pop, i wasn't feeling it.


hopefully, some good chair fortune will come my way. :D

1 comment:

e M i said...

Looks fantastic!!! :D Chair fortune is coming your way for sure yay!! :D