Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm back!

Ooopsie!  I've been on a brief hiatus but I'm back!  Hehe...probably wasn't the best time last week to "launch" my blog.  You see...the past week I've been trying to make my house as pretty as possible for our big Housewarming party this past Saturday.  The day came and went quickly but it was a success!  My house definitely felt more "homey" with friends and family inside.  And "bonus", you get to see all the fun pictures! :)

To start it off, I'll give you a peek of what my wonderful twin sis gave me as a surprise!  She's definitely the artsy twin. :)

And once again, I tweaked my Spring mantel just one more time.

Hehehe...silly me, I just can't make up mind!  Does anyone else have this problem?!

We put out a table in our sun room which seemed to be the spot of the day!  The weather was gorgeous but windy! 

And these ranunculus are just pretty. :)

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Bernice said...

Yippeee! :) Now all you have to do is frame it!