Thursday, November 17, 2011

A place to sit and gather...

During our home search, a separate dining room was not on the "must" list.  In fact, we almost closed on a house without a dining room.  However, in our not-so-new-anymore house (YAY), a separate dining room was "included."  Filling it was not a major priority however it's become one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Perhaps because I feel chic in it. :)

The kitchen, seen here, is my practical dining/do everything space.  It's a bit plain here but if I took a current picture, you'd find an owl, pitcher, clothes, coupons, and random goodies.

And here, I finally introduce you to my lovely special dining space for guests and if I want to feel formal. :) I've discussed misc. parts of the room before but I've never shown you the final product!

Now, you see those 3 frames on the wall above?  I hope to add one more piece into the room.  Something narrow because we don't have a ton of room.  See...

Perhaps something simple like this (from Pottery Barn).

Or maybe something functional like this (in a different color from World Market).

Or something fancy from the same family (Z Gallerie).

Or something modern (from West Elm).

Maybe this will be a special Christmas gift to myself!  Any thoughts? :)


e M i said...

Beautiful pieces to add to your beautiful dining room! :D

BLP :) said...

i like the modern pieces from West Elm :) I forgot I had a 20% off coupon..I think it expired. Shucks! :)

Joannie =) said...

My vote is for the West Elm piece too! I think it is the most functional since it has so much storage and a special place to put wine (that your chickies are supposed to consume =)!)