Saturday, June 9, 2012


Most of you know my love for a good deal and i've had a couple posts about Clearance steals at Target.

It took a lot of self resistance but with 30-50% off almost all Target seasonal home products, I'm hopeful someone will snag a great find!

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e M i said...

Hehehee I'm sure lots of people will! Maybe not me though. :D Um...I just wanted to say really quick that, you're so special to me, because...well, one of the reasons is because I've known you whole entire life [actually half, but that's still a lot!] And you've really help shape who I am. I just wanna thank you for, carefully, selecting me as your maid of honor [or actually bridesmaid.] I know you had some other choices, but're like my sister, and I love you. Well, that concludes the speeches for the night.