Tuesday, December 28, 2010

happy home...happy heart

Gah! It can't be! I had one post in 2010. This one will make it 2. How did I time pass so quickly!?

I can't believe 2010 has come and gone (soon). This year has been filled with so much happiness and CHANGE! With our biggest life changer to happen soon, I felt a little pull inside of me to start blogging on this wonderful journey we're going to begin together. Before I turn a "new page" though, I want to highlight how great 2010 has been to me. With the new year beginning with the excitement of Bernice and Pete getting engaged to celebrating our first official Christmas as husband and wife, the year was off to a great start! Soon after, we made the decision to make some changes to our living situation. After all, I'm all about a plan! So after celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Naples, FL, we put our little condo we called home for several years for rent. We moved into my parents house and by July, we had made an offer on a new house. For the past 7 months since we began our house search, we have patiently waited for a home to call ours. After 5 months, we still didn't "close" but like fate, we found another house. One we truly love. So here we are, 1 week from closing on our new home. I didn't believe that what's meant to be will be, at first. But now, I believe. :)

So with a happy heart, I cannot wait for our happy home together. I won't yet disclose where our new home is to the world, but those close to me know how this home was just meant for me...for us!

Our offer was accepted on November 22nd and ever since then, I've been day dreaming about how we can design each room like what I've always envisioned in our first home together. John has been agreeable to almost everything. I'm so blessed to have a husband that says, "yes!" to all my ideas. He gets his "man room" after all...why shouldn't he give me the other 8 rooms!? Hahaha... I kid I kid. Sort of. We just have the same style!

Here are two design inspirations...I can already see my friends and family enjoying our home together!

Doesn't this bed just look inviting and comfty?! You know I love green! Mixing it with white and browns...ahh...pure heaven!

I love the elements in this room...grey walls with an elegant chandelier and contrasted with a dark wood table. The chairs are a little crazy and it's a little too symmetrical of a room, but you get what I mean. :)

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e M i said...

Soooo exciting!!! :D Can't wait yayayay!! :) We're so happy for you two!! :D