Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where the family gathers.

In my home, the kitchen table is where I'm most happy. Probably because my mom's food is awesome (I LOVE FOOD!), but also because it's the same table that my family gathered at every evening. When we have the whole family together, we still sit in our designated spots, although it's not as easy fitting 8 people, where we used to fit 5. :)

So, when we first found our new home, the search for a kitchen table was on! I've probably looked at hundreds of kitchen tables. We needed one small enough to fit in our nook, yet large enough to fit the 2 of us, and hopefully, an expanding family. I knew I wanted something comfortable and inviting yet with the cute details I love. I've always loved the cottage feel so when I found this table, I was so excited!
I knew this table was going to be one of my first purchases With one week to go before closing, I went back to check on my table set (online) and it's sold out!!! :( I'm extremely bummed. I learned my first lesson in new home buying (haha...even tho, John and I have owned since we were 21...but this is our first home together!)...don't get attached to furniture!

Anywho, onward and upwards! I hope the table goes back in stock soon! Thank you to my husband for trying to cheer me up. :)


e M i said...

Awww sad! No worries though, we learned from your house hunt that good things come to those who are patient! ;) I'm sure your perfect table will be available soon! :D

Bernice said...

Aww It's Pretty, but I'm positive you'll find something else you love! :)