Friday, January 21, 2011

It's move-in weekend!

We're officially moving in this weekend!  Yippeeee!!! I am so excited to build a home with John.  John talks about how fun it'll be to just wake up, have coffee, eat breakfast, and lounge around - in our home!  I'm looking forward to sitting in any room I want and just reading or day dreaming. :)

There just seems to be so much house to decorate!  But it's been so fun!  Yesterday, Mom and I had a blast shopping at Crate and Barrel where she seemed to find everything in the store "so cute!"  I had to put stuff away because she was going shopping crazy.  Heehehehe...  Yay fun!

Here's some sweet buys that we found! :)


e M i said...

Hehehee super cute awwww. :D Yayayay soooo exciting!!! :D

Bernice said...

Pretty! now show your family room put together! :)

RPC said...

Congrats Lil!