Monday, January 31, 2011

The great TV debate...'s actually not that big of a deal but I needed a title.

It's been a week since we've moved in and it's been so much fun!  I wonder how long it'll last before I get tired of laundry and dishes...and keeping the house spotless.  Right now, they feel like fun chores but I wonder if I'll feel the same way a month from now.

Anywho, we're finally getting cable TV today...yippee!  No more starring at the walls.  John and I have gone back and forth over whether to put the TV on top of the fireplace or in the corner on a media stand.  Eeeks...I can't decide! 

These pictures are not from our house...but I do like the decor and stand :)

1 comment:

Bernice said...

Corner :) And then if you want later, you can put it on top the fireplace. But you can't do it the other way around first (fireplace and then corner).

Love B!