Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowy storm...!

The snow storm is beginning!  I hope everyone is/will be home safe and sound.  Please be careful my loves!  John and I will be parked happily on our new couch with Snowy by my side and my snuggie keeping me warm.  Thank goodness our cable was installed yesterday too!!!

Without giving too much away - I really want to show you the full before/after pictures once all our decor is complete - here's a sneak peek of where we'll be spending our evening!  My camera battery is dead so here's a pic courtesy of John's iphone! :D

This picture was taken the same day our couch was delivered and a day after our carpet was installed.  There's our cute ottoman that's kept in the family room and our HAPPINESS plant on the mantel.  Woooot!

Stay tuned for the before/after pictures! :D


e M i said...

Looks fantastic!! Yayayay!! :)

e M i said...

Is it bad that I want more snow?

aLi and J said...

yes. :)