Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm still working on the before/after pictures (we still have incomplete rooms! ;P) but in the meantime, I have some fun PB-love/inspiration to share.  Whenever I'm indecisive, which happens almost always...I'm such a research addict), I take a peak at Pottery Barn to gain some inspiration.  While I can't afford almost everything at Pottery Barn, their decor provides great ideas.  And I'm hopeful that after countless hours of searching for something comparable, it'll be worth it in the end.
It's absolutely gorgeous!

Up next on the list is our bedroom furniture.  I got wonderful news today that our king mattress will finally be delivered on Tuesday!  Yippee!! I hear that having a king bed is the bestest!!!  I can't wait.  But now that we'll start spending more time in our master bedroom, I really need to start decorating!  Right now, all we have is our headboard that matches the PB style (see previous posts).  We also painted this beautiful color throughout the room. 
The green really makes the white frame on our closet doors pop.  So I wanted to continue the look on our bedroom furniture.  White furniture turned out to be a much bigger challenge.  I didn't want our furniture to look like a little girl's room but I also didn't want it to be too modern.  As you know, I love the cottage look.  So I've been searching and searching.

Here's a dresser I love from PB.

Or this..a little less feminine.
PB just does the distressed look so well!
So after hours of searching, I really haven't found anything like it.  But...John did find this...and I may just go with it...what do you think?
Please save me from my indecisiveness! 

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Bernice said...

DO you remember the one we saw at Ashley Furniture next to your couch? That one was beautiful!! You should take a look at it :)