Thursday, February 17, 2011

When to call it quits.

It's literally been a month of constant shopping.  Even though I've done most of my shopping online, I am poooped.  I never thought I would want to stop shopping...I love shopping!  Maybe it's the $$$ getting bigger (on the spent column) but I think it's time to call it quits. :P

I finally choose a dresser, it was more difficult than picking out a puppy or even a college!  The Master Bedroom is so personal, it was so difficult to create an identity for our private space.  I chuckle because I think both John and I are were at the point of "whatever".  I spent $200 on shipping with our purchase.  I can't believe I paid for shipping!!!

And..a couple days ago, we hit BB&B and bought all our sheets, comforters, etc. for our less than an hour (which is quite good for a research addict).  I only pulled out his iPhone twice.

So with the big furniture purchase, I'm calling it quits for now.  Spring is arriving soon, I hope, and I can take our indecisiveness outside.  Yard work should be easier, right?  Heeheee.

I'm scared to think about decorating and accents.  I think I'll be okay to stare at a empty wall and frame-less bookcase for awhile...

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e M i said...

Hehehe woooo great job!! Sounds good to take a little break. :) You've done a lot!! Looks fantastic yayayay!! :D