Sunday, March 20, 2011

new finds!

i'm officially diggin estate sales.  john is probably pooped out from them!  the past 2 weekends, i've tested the estate sale waters.  some have been fancy garage sales...few have been filled with pretty awesome history.  while i don't plan on decorating my house with estate sale finds, i've loving the thrill of the hunt.  here are a few of my small finds...all totaling about $10.  i'll post a couple of my "bigger" finds once i try my hand refurbishing. :D

check out these cute crates! i'll prob put little pots of flowers in them.  the glass bottles are placeholders.

using books as decor are a new thing to me.  here are a couple cool ones we found.

cute little pitcher that i'll use for all my fresh flowers.

these were disgusting when i found them but nothing a dishwasher couldn't clean up! again, another place for pretty flowers. yippee skippee!

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