Monday, March 7, 2011

An-ti-ques.  heehee...inside joke.

I spent this past weekend "antiquing" for the first time ever.  It's different then when I was imagining.  A lot more junk...I mean treasures...crowded in it's shelves and booths.  But my biggest surprise was how much $$$ people expect for things!  While I expected that "dealers" would price their "antiques" at a rate higher than junk you would find at a garage sale, I wasn't expecting to pay $15 for an old glass dairy jar.  In any case, my 2 trips were unsuccessful and I've decided that I wasn't going to pay Pottery Barn prices for the real thing.  Instead, I've marked down the dates of the big Flea Markets and cannot wait for Spring Garage/Moving/Estate Sale season.

Also, I decided I should stick to what I know best and shop online.  I'm intrigued by all the cool things Etsy has to offer.  Check out these two adorable clocks...which are high on my shopping list! :)

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Bernice said...'s Antiques! Duh! :)