Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's blooming season!

When we moved into our new place, the ground was frozen and our yard was covered in snow and ice.  Once the snow and ice melted, what we discovered was not the prettiest sight.  I wish I took pictures right when the ground was uncovered but here's a sample of what we saw (this picture was taken recently before we raked it all up).  Tons and tons of leaves.  Like it hasn't been cleaned up in years.
After hours of raking and yard work, we discovered quite a lovely garden and we haven't planted anything yet!
I spy my hubby hard at work!
Thanks to my mom and husband for their hours of pruning, raking, and clean-up.  It's the start of something beautiful!  I'm going to love seeing the little presents of flowers pop up.  My mom tells me I'll even have a peony plant blooming!  There's still a lot to do but we're off to a great start!  John and I are hoping we'll find the HGTV Yard Crasher because our backyard is a beast in and of it's own.

See ya next time!

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