Thursday, September 22, 2011

A garage-esq sale at Target!

I love Target.  It has everything you need in one store.  But what I love most is the search for good deals.  So whenever I make a stop, there is a method to how I search for my clearance finds.

First, Clearance sections are always in the inner end of the aisle.  So, I never walk the main aisles - always the back so I can see everything on Clearance.  Next, if I spot something interesting, I take a look at what the discount is.  Do not just look at the sign.  Look at that lovely orange sticker and on the very upper right corner, you will see how much it's marked off.  The highest I usually see is 70% off.  Target always tries to sell everything at 15 or 30% off.  I will only buy something if it's 50 or 70% off.   And it does happen - much more often than you think.  Side note: If something ends in a "4", it almost always means that's the lowest price it'll go.

Here's an example of what you might see.
50% off - Do you see it?
Target always rotates their home decor section so you're sure to score some great finds.  It's like a mini garage sale - but brand new!

Here are some recent finds!  Scored these yesterday so feel free to check out your local store. :)  (Yes - I'm addicted to lighting.)
Originally $25, Sold $10
Originally $40, Sold $6 ($9 purchased 3 weeks ago)
Originally $20, Sold $8

Originally $150, Sold $30 without shade
On the lighting note, I also purchased 2 of these from Home Depot.  They were nearly sold out at every store in Chicago land so I was ecstatic when they had them just a city away.  $35 each ($39 originally) with coupon code: RESELLERRATINGS!

I can't wait to show you where each of these fixtures made it into our home. :)


e M i said...

Woooo!! You're so good at deals!! :D Looks like yet another set of fabulous purchases!! :)

Bernice said...

i keep forgetting to go to Target! let me know if you find another pretty floor lamp!