Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Fall!

I know, I know, I'm like 2 months late and abandoned my blog for that same duration.  I can't promise anything but with the exciting holidays coming up, I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about!

Let me take a moment and share my lovely Fall mantel with you!

I wanted something rustic...

And universal...meaning not too Halloweenish or Thanksgivingish...

But also filled with Fall charm.  I think I did a good job fulfilling this!  Plus, you'll spot my constant obsession with my darling little white pot.  

Here's a breakdown of where I got everything.
Little darling pot.....$2 at an Estate Sale
Bunch of hay stuff (I don't know what it's called).....$8 at Homegoods
Yellow clock.....$11 at a boutique in Madison
Glass jar.....$4 at Pottery Barn (a whole 12 piece set was a gift from my twin B!)
Green acorns.....$12 a bag at West Elm (a splurge)
Green medicine jar.....$4 at West Elm
Circle branch thingy which originally is a plate charger.....$6 at Pottery Barn
Owl.....$8 at Homegoods
~ I should note most of this stuff I had laying around my house. :)

It's simple but I love it.

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