Friday, September 16, 2011

Summer Fun!

The high is about 60 today! Where did summer go?! Well, to make myself feel better and to give a better explanation of where I've been all summer - here's a quick picture montage of my fond 2011 summer memories.

It started with the summer awakening of all those hidden flowers we discovered for the first time.  J and I are by no means, flower/plant people.  So it was fun seeing all the flowers pop up!

 Including amazing peonies! My fav!!!!

Then we headed off to beautiful California for my sister's wedding!  We stayed at some lovely and beautiful places!  We enjoyed a glorious week in Sonoma.

 Then we stopped by Tiburon.
 And Muir Woods.
 And then a picturesque Half Moon Bay.

In July, well, I worked a lot.  But I also really got into cooking.  I never felt a love for, I totally do.  My current love is the dutch oven.  I also had an early birthday party for my love.

My man loves some pot roast. So this was my first dutch oven meal.  It doesn't look like much but it was pretty darn good.

August was also filled with work and cooking.  But we did make it a priority to visit one of my best buddies in Madison and the awesome Madison Farmers Market.

And to end Summer, John and I threw down a map and saw Boston.  So to Boston we went!  Our trip involved a lot of food.  We counted at least 6 different clam chowders.
 J wants to live here one day.  Not Boston.  A condo with a rooftop like this one.
 J also wants to live here one day.  In a brick lined street.

There you have it!  Summer was a great one that went by way to fast.  Fall is coming and I can't wait to see what's in store for us!


Bernice said...

Fun summer for sure! :) Yay! Great pics...Love Summer with ALi!

e M i said...

Yay!! What a super fantastic summer!! :D