Friday, May 11, 2012

A kitchen wall in 24 hours.

Remember way back when, when I wrote about my kitchen wall?  Yeah, it was over a year ago.

Well, now it looks like this!!!

This was completed in less than 24 hours!  You might recognize the chalkboard frame from an old post.  Here's a list of where I got the other items!

R = $3 at Michael's and $1 Paint
Frame = $8 on clearance at Michael's
Poster = $20 from
Shelves = $18 on sale from Target
Flowers, green vase, strawberry, milk jars, crate = Already had
A & J wine bottle = Our wedding!
"Do what you <3" sign = $14 from Target's new colection
Bon Appetit sign = A gift from my mom...from Japan!
Oh!  And I got the new light fixture on Overstock for $14!!!

Not too shabby for a 24 hour project, don't you think!?  I absolutely love it!!!  And many thanks to my hubs for helping me hang.  The only thing remaining is a cute little radio.  I love cooking and dancing!  I hear my 3 year anniversary is coming up...heeeheeheee!

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e M i said...

Looks fantastic!! :D And it was even prettier in person wooooo!!! Great job!! :D