Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Chalkboard Frame in 3 minutes for $3.

I picked up a frame from an estate sale several months ago.  While I was debating what to do with it, it's been sitting in the garage.

Then the other day I was at Michael's and spotted some chalkboard sheets. :)  I put two and two together and I had me a project!  Which literally took 3 minutes!

Minute 1: I traced the glass part of the frame onto the Chalkboard Sheet and cut it to shape.


Minute 2: I carefully took off the sticky protector sheet and put it on the glass.  This made it super easy to ensure I had a perfect fit.

Minute 3: I used the old cardboard backing and presto, I was done!  (No one will see the ugly back!)

Frame from Estate Sale: $1
Self-Stick Chalkboard Sheets from Michaels: $2
Total Cost: $3 = Woot!!!

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