Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A June Whirlwind!

June 2011 will mark one of the greatest months in my life.  It was filled with so much family and love!  Most of June was spent in sunny California for my sister's wedding and if I wasn't busy planning, I was having too much fun!  We rented an adorable house which I'm now kicking myself for not taking pictures of.  The decor they had in there was a perfect French Country style.  I did capture the backyard/retreat that I spent many of hours in.

Sorry bloggie for neglecting you!  I promise to be a better blogger. :)

I didn't get a lot of time to shop while away but I have taken notice to the awesome sales!  If you're a crazy shopper like I am, you will know that June is the month where almost everything goes on sale as new models, styles, etc. change in stores.  And being the home decor-lover that I am, I immediately hit Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel for some sweet deals!

Yesterday, my sister brought me to C+B and I roamed the store looking for something that caught my eye!  Okay, a lot caught my eye, but my wallet wasn't having any of it.  As we were leaving, I spotted the fabulous Marimekko linens on sale.  They've literally been on every C+B cover for the last year.  So I had a mini-debate with myself.  Aren't they lovely? Yes.  How much are they? 60% off...pretty good in my book.  Do you need them?  Well, I spend every week washing the one King Sheet Set that we have because we had to divvy up the money when we got our new home and buying 2 sets wasn't reasonable at the time. :) Should I get them? I think so even if Hubby goes "What the...!?" Heehee.  So I did!  Aren't they lovely!?
The King Sheet Set and Duvet Cover originally retailed for $278.  I scored the Set and Cover for $100 total!  Pretty darn good, don't you think!?  And to top it off, the first thing my husband said to me when he saw them was, "Ooh!  You got sheets!" :)  I was amazed and super happy! 

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e M i said...

Definitely one of the best weeks ever in CA!! :D Beauuutiful new bedset wooooo!!! :D Sounds like a fantastic purchase!! :)