Friday, July 22, 2011

The Obligatory Stop

My poor husband has been in PB too many times this summer.  I can't help my obsession with this beautiful piece.  As you may recall from my cube post, I've fallen in love with this adorable cabinet.
And my loving husband knew I would want to see it each time we went shopping.  What a sweetie!  My family room is a little space with bare corners.  It's the one main room that's been neglected.  How sad it looks!  I do hope to put a reading chair in one corner and I've been hoping to find something the same shape and size as the Andover Cabinet (see above).  
My lanterns had no home so they went in this bare corner.
Save me from this boredom!
Future reading chair home.
 So, you can understand why I loved and NEEDED this cabinet.  But at a whopping $699, I couldn't find it in my heart/budget to buy it.

Until now....!!!  Good things come to those who wait, right?!  The cabinet is still at a pricey $499 but with an extra paycheck in July and a husband who's tired of going to PB, the cabinet is in my Shopping Cart right now!! And PB is offering 10% off everything so it save me the special delivery charge.  And I purchased a discounted gift card from Cardpool and saved approximately 10%.  Wooooooot! 
I'm one happy shopper!!! I can't wait to show you the pictures when it arrives!!!

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e M i said...

Yayayay!!! Is this the apothecary that you two kept talking about in the car? Hehehee wooooo!!! Patience pays off!!